Figure Skating

Exertion    Phase                   Cardio            Balance/Strength                         Sports Drills

Phase 1 



Walking outside 

• Treadmill walking 

• Stationary bike 

• Arm bike

• Single leg balance 

• Tandem stance  

  • One foot in front of  the other 

• Neck strengthening


• Light stretching 

• May walk during practice or PE class



Phase 2 



• Walking 

  • Speed/Uphill 

• Elliptical 

• Stairmaster 

• Swim with kick board

• Light Jump rope 

• Light jogging

• Core exercises 

  • Minimize head movements Planks, leg lifts 

• Body weight exercises

  • Lunges, squats, puss ups, step-ups, tricep dips 

• Yoga and Pilates 

  • Minimize head movements

• Balance exercises


• Activities without risk of  contact or collision 

• No activities with multiple balls in the air 

• Examples

  • Stretching
  • Slide board
  • “Marking” choreography (off ice) 





 Phase 3 







• Running and sprinting

• Footwork and cutting

• Jumping

• Core exercise with head  movement 

  • Bicycle crunches, planks with head rotation

• Low weight high  

repetition lifting 

• Squats, curls, bench press, lunges 

• Dynamic warm up 

  • Jogging, high knees

• Jumping exercises 

  • Squat jumps, jumping jacks, box jumps 

• Balance exercises 

  • Single leg balance with forward reach to floor




Progress to on ice drills

  • On and off ice warm up activities
  • No spins or jumps
  • Forward and backward stroking with limited turns
  • Practice of choreography with turns while “marking” spins and jumps


Phase 4 



• Continue Phase 3 Cardio while increasing duration

• Advanced core exercises

  • Burpees, mountain climbers

• Higher weight lower repetition lifting 

• Continue balance exercises 


• Start with basic spins and jumps advancing to double and triple jumps (if appropriate)

• Layback spin after all other spins tolerated

• Axel jump after all other jumps tolerated

• Partial program run through advancing to full run through

Phase 5 

 > 60 Minutes

• Full practice
participation without restrictions 

• Full practice participation without restrictions

• Full practice participation without restrictions

If headache, dizziness, or any other symptom occurs during the progression, stop exercising, wait 24 hours, then resume activity at the pervious symptom free level.