“There are pains to push through and pains to listen to, learn the difference.”
–David Wang MD

David Wang MD, MS

David Wang MD, MS has worked with competitive athletes for over 30 years. A former collegiate athlete, the experienced sports medicine physician draws upon his knowledge and training to deliver a deep understanding of the medical, orthopedic, and psychological issues that many athletes face.

His overarching goal is to solve complex medical challenges where traditional thinking has not yet provided a clear diagnosis or treatment. He is directly involved in the research of many issues involving athletes, with numerous publication credits in concussion reporting and recovery.

Professionally, his experiences have encompassed pediatric to masters athletes from recreational to professional and even Olympic levels. For 3 decades, he has provided care to the martial arts community, including in the sports of kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA).

Currently, Dr. Wang serves as the head team physician at Quinnipiac University, with consulting relationships and speaking credits at institutions across the country. He serves on several advisory boards in Connecticut, nationwide, and around the world.

David Wang

Over the past 3 decades, I have committed to providing comprehensive sports medicine care focused on the health and wellbeing of the competitive athlete. Having personally lived the competitive collegiate life—and experienced the injuries—and worked with numerous athletic programs for many years, I have the unique ability to look at medical issues from the athlete’s perspective.

I have been fortunate enough to care for athletes in many elite programs, including professional athletes and Olympians. My experience spans the many facets of sports medicine—it is truly an honor to play such a vital role in people’s lives.