Congratulations Quinnipiac Men’s Hockey

April 13, 2023 Congratulations Quinnipiac Men’s Hockey NATIONAL CHAMPIONS D-I MEN’S ICE HOCKEY An amazing journey with a special group.  Obviously the team and coaches are top notch but a special acknowledgment to the incredible sports medicine staff. On a personal note what a coincidence to play against the University of Minnesota where I was […]

Damar Hamlin Thoughts

January 5, 2023 Damar Hamlin Thoughts The sudden cardiac arrest that occurred on nationally televised Monday Night Football was hard to watch and was clearly difficult for the announcers to talk about.  Collectively we are wishing the best for Damar through this extremely difficult medical situation.  Having taken part in 3 similar events myself during […]

Drink Water, My Friend

woman drinking water from glass bottle

January 2, 2023 Drink Water, My Friend Be Water “Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.
Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If […]

Check out our editorial on COVID-19 and Concussion

November 12, 2022 Check out our editorial on COVID-19 and Concussion Throughout the pandemic much attention has been focused on the cardiac and respiratory effects of COVID-19. We have been concerned that the infection can also result in a neurologic insult with similarities to concussion. Check out our editorial on Post-COVID-19 Neurologic Syndrome and Concussion. […]

Tua Tagovailoa likely has Overlapping Concussion Syndrome NOT Second Impact Syndrome

October 1, 2022 Tua Tagovailoa does not have Second Impact Syndrome rather Overlapping Concussion Syndrome There is still a lot of conversation about the Tua Tagovailoa concussion. Most of us agree that he suffered a concussion on Sunday and that 4 days later he suffered an obvious concussion.  People are now using the term Second […]

Tua Tagovailoa head injury

September 30, 2022 The 90’s called and want their concussion protocol back Unfortunately, I must write a follow up to my previous post on Tua Tagovailoa.  I stated that that he was concussed on Sunday, but the team treated him as if he wasn’t (back and leg).  If it was correct that he was concussed […]

The 90’s called and want their concussion protocol back

September 26, 2022 The 90’s called and want their concussion protocol back Regarding the Tua Tagovailoa football game incident on 9/25/22.  Tua demonstrated clear concussion signs following a tackle.  He was taken out of the game but returned minutes later. No matter what was done in this case, it is NOT okay to return to […]

Preseason Football ACL Injuries

August 9, 2022 Preseason Football ACL Injuries Preseason football is starting in August and there are several medical issues that one needs to be thinking about.  Risks not only include musculoskeletal and concussive injuries but also include environmental risks such as heat illnesses. Today we acknowledge ACL injuries to the knee. In the NFL these […]